If Spring Arrives

Reunification. It's a remote, abstract word for many of us, and has borne the weight of much politicizing and arguing. And yet, for the 34,000 North Korean refugees living in South Korea, it means singing together. Being buried in their own neighborhood. Reuniting with daughters, mothers, husbands, brothers, whom they have ached for endlessly in their sleeping and waking. It means having a place to call home. It means being one again. It means a wound being turned to water, a broken body becoming whole.

In our annual Reunification Play, "If Spring Arrives," we had two North Korean actors as well as South Korean actors, telling the story of what happens to defectors after they come to South Korea. We had a full house almost every night, and people stood squeezed on all the stairways to watch the play! Thank you to the hundreds of people who came out and supported our play over the past week, and for our dedicated staff and actors and everyday volunteers who worked past 11 PM to pull "If Spring Arrives" together. We love you. We won't stop working until the day of reunification smiles on us all 🧡

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