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About Saejowi


Hi! We're Saejowi.
We're a nonprofit organization in South Korea that assists North Korean refugee resettlement by providing medical support, counseling, and employment services. Established in 1988, Saejowi operates strictly as a non-political and non-religious organization. We serve as a trusted partner of Korean government agencies and researchers, conducting public opinion surveys and providing policy advice on refugee issues. Our work in refugee medical assistance for 13 years and counselling for 11 years are the longest standing programs of their kind in the country. We are recognized as the standard organization for refugee-counseling licensing, and for documenting medical needs of North Korean refugees.

Over the past decade, Saejowi has provided direct services to over one-third of the total North Korean refugee population in the South through its medical assistance centers. The true impact of our programs lies in its ability to address root causes, such as focusing on emotional stability as a precondition for vocational training or education services. Through educational programs and leadership training, our organization ensures that all who wish to work in the service of refugees, both South Koreans and North Korean refugees themselves, have a broad and in-depth understanding of the socioeconomic context of North Korea.
Saejowi’s programs are funded by donations from its membership, grants from Korean government ministries, North Korea-related foundations, and other private sector donors. Recently, we received support from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, & Migration for operating a North Korean refugee home counseling program.

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