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We build


What happens after North Koreans

escape to South Korea?

PTSD, physical illness, societal prejudice,

loneliness, and culture shock

all make resettlement a challenge.

We're here on a mission to help.

We have a dream.

Providing medical counseling, practical training, and the highest quality resettlement support to North Korean refugees for over 30 years.

Through our network of hospitals and North Korean counselors, we focus on not only physical recovery but also long-term mental and emotional thriving.

Because Korea has a brighter future,

and change begins right here.

Real people,

making real change.

9 in 10

North Korean refugees arrive with PTSD

1 in 3

of North Korean refugees in South Korea treated 


Licensed North Korean Counselors


Partnering hospitals

for North Korean refugees


Refugees treated


Cases of physical and mental ailments treated

You can make a difference.

100% of your donations go to helping North Korean refugees through counseling, medical services, youth scholarships, and job training.

Your generosity saves lives.

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