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Saejowi’s Leaders of Unification education program trains the North Korean defectors of today to be the leaders for unification of tomorrow. Both North and South Koreans receive education on the differences between the two societies, then discuss what needs to happen before Korea can effectively reunify. At the end of 7-12 weeks, qualified participants receive a certificate of completion as a Unification Leadership Coordinator.

Saejowi’s Domestic Violence Prevention and Awareness program supports female North Korean defectors who are sexually and physically abused by their husbands. Most of the defectors who come to South Korea arrive through China, where they are frequently taken advantage of by Chinese husbands and brokers. Participants in this program are made aware of the numerous sexual and physical domestic abuse cases defectors face when escaping, and are invited to share their stories among other women who have been through the same hardships. By developing a healing network with other survivors, participants can share a community and overcome their trauma.

Saejowi’s The Fruit of Love biannual program selects 10 North Korean students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in South Korea and awards each student a scholarship based on their academic achievement. In total, $20,000 is given to twenty high-performing students each year. This program is sponsored by the Community Chest of Korea.

Practical Training

Saejowi’s Home Care Service trains defectors in childcare and household duties. Participants provide home care services to North Korean defectors who cannot pay for similar services offered by South Korean companies. These household helpers assist families with single parents needing to work, elderly needing regular hospice care, and sick family members needing medical services.

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