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Integrating Hearts and Minds

Saejowi sponsors intercultural exchange programs – cultural festivals, plays, potlucks, or sports events – to deepen people's understanding of North Korean culture, language, and art. We have partnered with groups such as the Ministry of Unification, Seoul Performing Arts Company, and the Embassy of Netherlands to host events. Through these programs, we aim to remove the divide between refugees and society and show that their culture is just as unique as our own.

Whether you are from South Korea, North Korea, or elsewhere, we invite you to participate in our cultural exchange programs to widen your perspective on North Korean refugees. ​


Saejowi with students from the CIEE Seoul, South Korea program

Annual saejowi Productions

Since 2013, Saejowi has internally produced annual theater performances to raise awareness about North Korean defectors and the reunification movement. These performances feature both North and South Korean actors. So far, Saejowi has produced 13 productions, even recording their performances throughout COVID-19. 

2023 Saejowi National Tour: "Azalea Village story"

Tour Schedule

7/3 김포 운암고

7/4 대전 동구 - 은오송중학교

7/5 대구 달성고

7/6 전북 남원 하늘중학교

7/7 경남진주 삼현여중

7/10 경기 시흥 배곧해솔중학교

7/11 세종 보람중

7/12 대구 경덕여고

7/13 경북 영주중

7/14 충남아산 설화중

7/17 충북 충주 한림디자인고교

7/19 전주 우아중 

7/20 인천 부평여중

Previous saejowi Productions 

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