2020 Saejowi Scholarships

Saejowi believes that students should be given the opportunity to focus on their studies rather than on supporting themselves through constant jobs. This is the aim of our Saejowi scholarships.

○ Application Deadline: March 9 to March 20, 2020

○ Selected Recipients: 10 North Korean Students (Undergraduate or Graduate)

○ Eligibility Requirements

- Currently enrolled in a four-year university

- Receiving basic government income (기초생활수급)

- Students from families with special needs, such as single-parent households, self-supporting students, disabled students, etc.

- Currently attending a university in South Korea, with an average grade of at least 3.0/4.5, according to each college's respective grading system (if a perfect score is 4.3, at least 2.8/4.3)

○ Required Application Documents

-  Application

-  Academic Plans

-  Privacy Consent (for use by Saejowi and Fruit of Love)

-  Certificate of enrollment

-  Certificate of current GPA

-  Certificate of being from a special needs family

-  Copy of your bank account

※ Application forms can be downloaded on Saejowi's Korean website (see 공지사항 board). If you have trouble finding the forms, please contact esther@saejowi.org.

※ Please return the application materials in PDF form rather than in photographs or picture file format; such applications will not be considered.

○ How to Apply : Fill out the required documents, scan, and send as PDF to 88took@hanmail.net. If you have questions, please call the Saejowi office.

○ Nota bene :

※ Your national identification numbers will not be disclosed on any of your applications.

※ If your application does not follow the above guidelines, it may be disqualified on further review.

○ Scholarship Amount : 100만원 / 1000000 KRW (One-time Scholarship, to be given during May)

○ Scholarship By : Saejowi Initiative for National Integration

○ Supported By : Community Chest of Korea

○ Call the Saejowi Office for questions : 02)747-2944 /2945

Saejowi Initiative for National Integration

(+82) 2-747-2944


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